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Darren S.
via Google

KMD has been instrumental during my ongoing fitness journey. The owner and staff are highly knowledgeable and friendly. There are a variety of different classes from self defense, to endurance and Pt, and even weapons defense training. Self Defense classes focus on useful practical lessons and safety. Trainers are friendly and the classes seem to attract a fun bunch of students. The owner always addresses gym members by their first name. Stop by and check them out or give them a call. I am glad that I did.

jackie dalton
via Google

So amazing. All of the instructor's where amazing. My son really enjoyed the class and learned a lot at the same time. The first time he has worked that hard and actually enjoyed it. He was very proud to sign up for the class ?

Dave Levich
via Google

I've trained at this location for a number of years and love it. The staff is incredibly approachable, the instructors are very knowledgable about the martial art they teach and their schedule offers a diverse awry of classes at a wide variety of times. It sounds cliche, but the atmosphere really does feel more like a community of like-minded friends than a simple gym. I can't wait to get on the training floor.

Matthew Woody
via Google

My son loves the classes! It helps him burn off some extra energy while learning self defense from great instructors.

Bill John
via Google

I started coming to KMD on advice from a colleague and, after two years, the only thing I'm upset about is that I didn't start sooner. Owners are simply wonderful, staff is exceptionally informative and friendly, all other students I've met are nice, fun, and want to be there. Something that I was worried about prior to joining was the the atmosphere and culture, but once you step foot into the place you can tell they are extremely friendly and inviting.

If you ever wonder if you should come here, I would highly recommend. I also want to state that you'll get exactly what you put into it. Show up, try, work at it, and KMD will be there for you.

Rishabh Saxena
via Google

I have been training at KMD for four months, and I am totally in love with the system and also the instructors. The people attending the class are also very respectful and supportive as I get to learn from everyone around me. The instructors are very patient and generous to teach you the things and also work with you at a deeper level. By practicing this art, I have been able to make new friends at the school and this learning has given me a lot of inner confidence which is helping me to build my inner confidence. Thank You Pawel and Lisa for your efforts.

Eric Israel
via Google

I have been coming to Krav Maga Detroit for 4 years and my experience has been fantastic. Although I do not take Krav Maga classes, they look intense, productive and enjoyable. I have been working out with Trevor Nelson for the last 4 years and my experience with him is great, better than any trainer I have ever worked with. He makes the workouts very challenging but also very effective. Trevor is an unbelievable guy and an even better trainer. Being an athlete, you have to do specific training for your sport and Trevor has taken his time to do research on my sport so that he can help me get in the best shape that I can be in. At the start of every season I feel like I am stronger, faster and more agile then I was at the beginning of my training. Trevor is very intelligent when it comes to what exercises we do and writes a great workout program. Some of our workouts go well over our hour time slot but he does not care as he wants nothing but the best for his clients. Last year I had shoulder surgery and was very limited on what I could do in the weight room. He helped me rehab my shoulder while also making sure my other body parts were getting stronger, so I was ready to start my season. When the season started, I felt better than I’ve ever have and performed better than I expected. Trevor is a great trainer and I highly recommend everyone to work with him whether your athlete or not.

Andriy Bilunskiy
via Google

I've been training at KMD for 5 years now and I love every minute of it. People here are very friendly and make you feel welcome from the first day. All instructors are highly qualified and consistently receive the highest awards on instructor training from other Krav Maga gyms across the country. Both Pawel and Lisa really care about their clients and will always go above an beyond to make sure that all questions and concerns are quickly addressed and resolved. If you are looking for a top-notch training with family-like atmosphere, this place is definitely for you.

Michael Dimitrieski
via Google

Top notch training with AMAZING staff & instructors! KMD offers a variety of classes depending on your interest and needs. I love the Krav classes. All of the students/members are fantastic and you get to train with some great people. No matter what your skill level is, there's a ton of respect in every class. Much respect for the owner, trainers and staff!

Staci Barkkari
via Google

My daughter has been in the kids program for almost 4 years now and I have recently started level 1 classes. I LOVE this place! The instructors are amazing. Krav Maga is a hard, but fantastic work out. It's practical self protection and everyone should know this!! LOVE KMD!!!

Amanda S.
via Google

Excellent private intro class with Lisa! She was helpful in coordinating things for my group and the class was really great! I would highly recommend.

Samantha D.
via Google

Change your life for the better and sign up for a class! Signing up for a trial class was hands down the best decision I’ve ever made.

The knowledgeable, passionate, and caring instructors will hook you in on day one. They always make such an incredible effort to learn your name and treat you like a friend from the start. That certainly doesn’t mean they go easy on you, though. This place will pressure test you and challenge you in ways you never expected.

The training you will receive here is top notch. When they say “We Forge Warriors” they mean it.

The lessons you learn in class will shine through to your life outside the gym altering your life for the better. I feel more confident in all aspects of life whether it’s walking through a parking lot at night or standing up for myself at work. KMD has given me the confidence and skills to defend myself against any situation life throws at me.

It’s so incredibly rare to find a place with this many wonderful people who support you in both your training and personal life. I’m incredibly blessed to have met life long friends and my partner here. I can’t even begin to fathom how different my life would be if I hadn’t joined KMD. There aren’t enough words to describe how thankful I am for this place and it’s amazing crew!

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