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28 Day Women's GETFIT Challenge

Make Your Goals A Reality - Challenge Starts 7/21/20

At Krav Maga Detroit, we are proud to offer our community a special program, that is designed specifically to improve your overall health, build muscle, and empower women to be their BEST!

28 Day Women’s GETFIT Home Challenge is the perfect stepping stone to embrace your goals and train!

October 2019, I stepped on stage for my first NPC Bikini Comp! This was a whirlwind of emotions and I am so proud to say I took home 3 Gold Medals placing First in my classes. 

Was this accomplishment easy? NO but it was life changing! 

I trained intense for 3 hours per day with my coach and did cardio at home. I had my diet dialed in and I accomplished my goal in 11 weeks of focused training. The body is amazing when you give it the tools it needs - nutrition & training! 

Life is never easy! 

Ladies - as women, we know how hormones, stress of life and work leaves us little time to take care of US! As moms - we also have that unique challenge of taking time for ourself and being there for our families. Our time is precious!!!

My unique training experiences in Krav Maga and Fitness allows me to design a versatile training opportunity in the comfort of your home. Plus, my extensive training with top nutritionists around the world gives me the knowledge it takes to build a strong body & mind. 

Here’s the 28 Day Women’s Challenge Details:

1) Direct access to ME - Lisa Cichowlas - KMD Owner, Krav Maga Instructor, NPC Bikini Comp Winner, Mom:)

2) Easy to follow meal plans

3) Daily check-ins - ACCOUNTABILITY

4) Daily workouts

5) Community of amazing women to share ideas, support each other and have some laughs!

What is expected:

1) Daily weigh ins

2) Weekly progress photos

3) Participation in group discussions & Zoom Meet-ups:)

4) Motivation to Train

There will be a winner at the end of the 28 Day Women's GetFit Home Challenge!!!

***This challenge is completely virtual - there are no in-person classes***

Cost of Challenge - $59!!! Starting date is July 21!!!

I look forward to working with you!!


Don't wait for Tomorrow - DO IT TODAY!