Give your loved ones the Gift of Krav Maga

At Krav Maga Detroit, we are proud to offer our community a training center designed specifically to improve your overall health, build muscle, and hone in on new self-defense skills.

Whether you want to feel more confident in your self-defense tactics or lose weight and improve your health. Our fitness classes are high-intensity workouts guaranteed to get your heart racing and blood pumping, and our self-defense courses are created to give you real-life self-defense skills that anyone can use.  

At Krav Maga Detroit, your goals are our goals! We will set you up with the tools and resources you need to succeed on and off the mat. And the best part? You'll have a BLAST in our classes! We offer a safe and friendly atmosphere for both beginners and our more experienced clients.  

I recommend everything about this place. The staff and owners are all beautiful people on the inside and out. The curriculum is always spot on. All of the members are friendly. Everyone respects each other. Instructors will work with you if there is something you cannot do. You will refuse to do overtime just to make it to class!! I am so thankful that we found Krav Maga Detroit.


This place is awesome. The staff is energetic and knowledgeable, they help you learn and move towards your goals at a safe pace (if not necessarily your own), and, most importantly, they make it fun! I signed up for the 6-week challenge and thought that it was a good way to really check this place out. I wasn't disappointed and am happy to say that I'm continuing my membership. Let's call it what it is. I'm a lifer.


I have been attending classes for about 10 months now. I love coming here. At first, the idea of Krav was intimidating, but after talking with some people who have gone, I knew I had to try it. So, so glad I did. I am in better shape than I have been in years. I'm learning useful skills. I'm pushing myself with encouragement from the awesome staff. If you are willing to put in the effort, they are willing to help you succeed. Highly recommend!


Love this place!! Works me harder than I ever could work myself at a gym. You’ll see an increase in your strength within a couple weeks! Amazing staff that is able to work with each person within a class to address everyone's fitness levels. Whether you're looking to learn Krav or are looking for a place for fitness classes, this is your gym!


Would give more stars if I could. I tried the 6-week challenge, and although I did not beat the challenge, I had an amazing experience. In addition to the KM classes, I took advantage of Physical Training, Conditioning and Yoga classes. This place is top-notch. The trainers are great! I did get into shape and gained strength. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a fun and intense workout!!


Krav Maga Detroit provides the best possible training in self-defense. Instructors are extremely knowledgeable and the training is based on realistic scenarios in order to prepare you to defend yourself and your family. You will never find a better place to train. Not only because of the elite level of training, but also because the community is so welcoming and friendly. If you're looking for self-defense or fitness training look no further. Check out Krav Maga Detroit, you're going to love it.


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