Krav Maga Detroit welcomes another Black Belt Instructor

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Pjeter and his brother Simon.

At the end of August, candidates from around the world gathered at the Krav Maga Alliance Headquarters in Culver City, California to participate in the most challenging test yet – the coveted Krav Maga Black Belt Test. This year however, was extra special for us as Krav Maga Detroit’s very own, Pjeter Berishaj was among the candidates. 

Born and raised in Michigan, Pjeter and his brother grew up on martial arts movies and would mimic what they saw on the screen until their parents signed them both up for Karate. Pjeter earned his Green Belt in Karate but had to stop as his parents could not afford the classes any more. Years went by but the love for fighting has never left him and only got stronger. Watching Amir Perets on the TV series Fight Science led Pjeter to Krav Maga Detroit and after taking his first class in January 2012 he knew he had  found something he would love. 

Pjeter taking the 1st place in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament.

Clearly, it was a match made in Heaven as only six months later Pjeter became a Krav Maga instructor. This achievement only accelerated his training in Krav Maga and also led to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Western Boxing. As expected, Pjeter excelled in all those disciplines and started competing, with great success, in both BJJ and Boxing. 

Pjeter and his wife Kathy after his successful boxing fight.

But Pjeter wasn’t done yet. His eyes affixed on the prize, he stepped up his training even more. Multiple workouts a day, sparring sessions, rolling on the mats, weapons training… He trained like a man possessed knowing that it would take everything he had to get the Black Belt in Krav Maga. 

Only the few who went through it will ever fully appreciate the level of difficulty and sacrifice necessary to pass that test. It was long, it was hard, brutal and dangerous at times. An ambulance was needed, blood was spilled and many bodies hit the deck. Hard. But Pjeter, and a bunch of others, remained standing. No matter how hard they were pushed, they kept coming back for more. These were the hardest, and at the same time, the most wonderful moments in their lives. And when it was finally over, tears of joy and pride were streaking down many faces. 

For those lucky enough to witness the test, we were inspired. For the rest of you, I hope one day you will have your chance too. 

From all of us at Krav Maga Detroit – CONGRATULATIONS PJETER!!!👊🏻

We are so proud and happy for you. 

You are a Humble Warrior, a true One Percenter and we are honored to have you forging warriors with us.  

“Out of every one hundred men,
ten shouldn’t even be there,
eighty are just targets,
nine are the real fighters,
and we are lucky to have them,
for they make the battle.
Ah, but the one, one is a warrior,
and he will bring the others back.”


Pawel Cichowlas & Pjeter Berishaj with John Whitman, founder of Krav Maga Alliance.

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