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Think you're ready to TEST?

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Think you're ready to TEST?

Quick word about testing - DON’T


You read this right. You would have to be more than slightly insane to willingly put yourself through it so ask yourself WHY? 

Better have a strong answer too because if it’s a weak ass one like “well I’ve been here 3 months and I feel I’m ready” you will get creamed. 


The test at Krav Maga Detroit has a purpose. We don’t see Krav Maga as a martial art where from day one you are on a schedule to get your black belt. Guys who one day might want to take your life don’t care about your belts or patches or diplomas and neither do we. The test is here to simulate one of the worst days of your life. It’s a rehearsal of sorts. Worst case scenario during the test? Bruised ego, maybe some blood. Worst case scenario in real life? You die. 

This is what we think of when you step on the floor every class. We truly want to make you stronger, faster, harder to kill. We want you to win and live. 

Now ask yourself: Are you? 


We can’t do the work for you. It’s not enough to “train” for X number of months.  

You need to show up both physically and mentally. You need to train hard. Fighting for your life will never be easy. There is no shortcut. So if you can’t bust out 10 solid push-ups and hold the top of the position for a minute with a smile on your face - you’re not ready. If you look like a worm squirming around while holding a plank for a minute - you’re not ready. If one minute of flutter kicks makes you whine and count every passing second in anticipation of a break - you’re not ready. If the thoughts like: “Which hand?” “Knee or kick?” “Do I step here or there?” are still in your head when attacked? Guess you know the answer by now. 


So do us all a favor. Train for life not for a test. If the instructor tells you you’re not ready, say “GOOD, more time to train to crush the next test.”


You don’t need to take tests to enjoy Krav Maga.  So if you want to test, you’d better be ready and we will have a blast!!! If you’re not ready, we are not here to beat you down, but will show you how it should be done, encourage you and give you all the guidance you need to be successful in the future!  We will provide the tools but need you to do your part. 






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