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    “What is Krav Maga? That was the question I asked myself over 13 years ago before taking my first class. I always had an interest in some form of martial arts but because of family, career and other activities I never found the time. Well, I finally found the time in my mid-fifties when I joined KMD which turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. I’ve always been motivated to do things others can’t or won’t do so Krav Maga seemed to fit me pretty well. I’ve run numerous marathons in the past, but they don’t compare with the physical and mental challenges that occur during training classes…. and of course, Pawel’s tests. ....

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  • KM 4 TEST - This is Determination

    KM 4 TEST - This is Determination

    KM4 test 5/12/23 I see Krav Maga Detroit tests as concerts. The first few are always the lesser known bands but they work hard to make a name for themselves and deserve to be on the big stage one day. It’s not always pretty or smooth but it’s usually entertaining. With a lot of work, those who don’t quit eventually become well known and their concerts become epic and something that people talk about. So the last week’s KM4 test was such a concert. All eight performers were seasoned and well known so the expectations were high. And Boy! did they deliver. It was one of those events that people remember and talk about. And I’m so fortunate to have had the ....

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  • STUDENT FEATURE: Vincent Meka

    “I found KMD through a friend when I was in high school. My first class was with instructor Sheila and I had a ton of fun. It was tough and I was very out of shape but I was always the smallest guy, shy, meek, always last pick. I wanted to prove to myself that I could be more than I was. So I trained. The first 2 years were hard. Physically, I was below average at best. Emotionally, I was weak and folded easily. Mentally, I wanted to be a warrior. Not just in krav but in all facets of my life. I wanted to have the confidence to make meaningful decisions and live true to myself. I wasn’t satisfied with myself after my lvl1 test. It wasn’t until lvl2 that my confidence grew ....

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  • Krav Maga for your Mindset

    Krav Maga for your Mindset

    Self-defense mindset is an important component of any self-defense training, including Krav Maga. It involves developing a mental attitude that helps you recognize potential threats and respond appropriately to them. Here are some key elements of a self-defense mindset: Awareness: Being aware of your surroundings is critical for self-defense. You should always be aware of who and what is around you, and be prepared to take action if you sense a potential threat. Mental preparedness: Mental preparedness means being mentally and emotionally ready to defend yourself if necessary. This involves understanding the potential risks and dangers in your environment, and being mentally ....

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  • FREE Member and Alumni Seminar - 3rd Party Protection 4.28.23

    FREE Member and Alumni Seminar - 3rd Party Protection 4.28.23

    FREE SEMINAR - 3rd Party Protection Friday 4/28/23 1800 - 2100 March 29th marks two important events in Paweł’s career and this year one of them reached a certain milestone. It’s been 20 years since Paweł completed his first Krav Maga Instructor Certification Course, known as Phase A. What’s better way to celebrate 20 years of teaching Krav Maga than, well, teaching some more. So mark your calendars: Friday 4/28, 1800 hours. This is a FREE seminar for all KMD members, current and alumni. See you there. Click the link to register: Register TODAY ....

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  • Friday 3.10 Morning Classes Cancelled due to SNOW

    Good Evening, We have made the decision to cancel Friday morning classes 3.10.23 due to snow accumulation occurring right at class times. We want everyone to be safe and avoid driving if possible. Let's hope spring is around the corner! Be safe and always use some snow to your advantage - shovel instead of snow blow:) KMD Crew ....

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  • 4 Day Fasting Challenge Recap!

    4 Day Fasting Challenge Recap!

    Staci Barkkari shares her 4 day fast highlights: My first challenge of 2023 was more mental than physical. I decided to do a 4 day fast. Hit a hard reset on the body. This is a long post, so you can bail if you want to, but if you read the whole thing - thank you! Sunday, January 15th. Clock started 7 pm Last meal - We went out for dinner. I had a buffalo chicken wrap, sweet potato fries, and a beer. Screw it! LOL Fast rules: 0 calories, nothing but water, green tea, lemons are allowed, and necessary. Lemons have 0 calories and are a good source of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Add in a little sodium and you’ve got your own electrolyte water. 8 oz of water, 2 tbsp of ....

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