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  • Tiptoeing Out of One’s Comfort Zone (and of Course, Back in)

    Tiptoeing Out of One’s Comfort Zone (and of Course, Back in) By ALINA TUGEND LAST week, I moved out of my comfort zone, psychologically and literally. And it didn’t feel so good. First, I spoke to a group of middle-school students about journalism. It was a day when parents were supposed to come and talk about their work and discuss why what you learned in middle school was actually important in real life. I am fairly self-confident about talking to a roomful of adults. But 12- and 13-year-old children made me sweat. Some looked at me intently, but others stared out the window, played with their pencils or poked their neighbors. Suddenly, I was pulled back to my ....

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  • Krav Maga for KIDS

    Krav Maga for KIDS

    Krav Maga : A New Activity for the Whole Family! by Valene Ayar As the weather begins to cool and our days get shorter, it can only mean one thing….Fall is here! Yay! As we say goodbye to swimming pools and lake houses and say hello to pumpkin spiced lattes and cider mills, it also means that kids go back to school. With that, parents are undoubtedly thinking about extracurricular activities. While I am a huge advocate of organized team sports, I have become an even bigger advocate of another athletic endeavor that even parents can (and should) also take part in ; that is, Martial Arts….more specifically, Martial Arts centered around self-defense. A New ....

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  • Quick Burn - Evening Mini Training Circuit

    Summer has been HOT especially when the humidity kicks in. So take advantage of days like today and train outside:) Evening Energy BOOST 3 Sets 15 Reps Each Exercise (Complete each exercise set before moving to the next) 1. Squats 2. Reverse Lunges 3. Alternating Knees in the air (good time to practice getting that knee forward) 4. Alternating Punches (if you know Bas rounds combos 1-4 is 1 Rep lol - Enjoy) 5. Push-Ups ( New to push-ups, no prob train from your knees and focus on getting full range of motion in your shoulders. Keep elbows close to the body to mimic punches) 6. Crunches ( shoulders only 2-3in off the floor - focus on squeezing the abs) Cool Down ....

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  • Urban Assault Management Seminar: RECAP:

    Urban Assault Management Seminar: RECAP:

    BIG THANK YOU!!! to all who showed up to train and support Andriy in his mission to provide supplies for the fighting Ukraine. Andriy displayed an impressive amount of knowledge and expertise in the subject matter and taught valuable skills to avoid and, if it comes to it, win in case of the urban assault. Everyone, beginners and experts, walked away with some golden nuggets of wisdom helpful in staying safe out there. ....

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  • "So that One may walk in peace" Interview with Pawel Cichowlas

    “So that One May Walk in Peace…” An interview with Pawel Cichowlas, founder of Krav Maga Detroit 12/12/2015 In 2005 Pawel Cichowlas opened up the training site, Krav Maga Detroit. On the 10th anniversary of its operation, along with Xavier Swiecki, who also happens to be a member, we visited the club located at 15 mile Road and Crooks, in Troy, Michigan. The visit provided an opportunity for congratulations on the anniversary, to wish continued success and also to learn from the owner, pawel Cichowlas, about both the club and Krav Maga itself. In Hebrew, “Krav Maga: means as much as “contact combat” but in practice it stands for a peculiar ....

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  • KMD Young Warrior Testing Guidelines June 2022

    KMD Young Warrior Testing Guidelines June 2022

    A few of our Young Warriors have filled up their belts with white, red and gold stripes and are ready to test for the yellow belt. This historic event will take place on Saturday June 25, 2022 at 1230. Regular class is still on at 1200 and it will be a great warmup for the few brave souls who decide to test. The test is by invitation only and this week the chosen Young Warriors will receive their invites. The cost is $49 per student and it includes the brand new yellow belt. All are welcome to watch so feel free to invite your family and friends. ....

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