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8-2-2021 KMD Newsletter

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Krav Maga Detroit Weekly Update

We Forge Warriors - August 2, 2021



Friday, August 6



TAKEN: Fighting the Kidnapping Attempt

Friday, August 13


Laser Tag

Saturday, August 21

More details to follow

KM 1 Test

Friday, October 1

Extortion 17 WOD Workout 

Friday, Aug. 6th, 6pm 

950 West Maple Road 


Troy, MI 

We are honoring the memory of the heroes of Extortion 17. 

Extortion 17 WOD WORKOUT:

AMRAP (with a Partner) in 31 minutes 

Partner A performs AMRAP of: 

- 8 Thrusters

- 6 Rows + Knee Ups

- 11 Squats + Jump Overs 


While Partner B performs: 400 meter Sandbag Ruck/Run 


Partners switch after each Run.




This months TRIBE Training workout “Extortion 17” will honor a group of Elite Warriors that paid the ultimate sacrifice. This workout is meant to be heavy, brutal, and best done with a partner to share the work load (if you don't have a partner, just complete the 400m ruck between each round.

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TAKEN Seminar: Fighting the Kidnapping Attempt 


Friday, August 13, 2021




$99 KMD Members, $149 non-Members


Participants should bring a pillowcase, a spare t-shirt, or a hoodie.

Will cover fighting in and around vehicles, while bound and blindfolded.

Groin Protection and mouth guard not required, but recommended!

Interested in a summer challenge?? Check out the link below and join our team!!! 

Register on the website first, then request to join KMD's team! See Pawel for more details! 

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Coach's Corner

Coach's Corner 

Conditioning Accumulator

Setup an area that you can sprint 30 meters. 

Round 1: 

1 x 30 meter sprint and 1 burpee. Do this in 10 seconds then rest 10 seconds - go to round 2

Round 2: 2 x 30 meter sprints and 2 burpees in 20 seconds. Rest 20 seconds go to round 3

Round 3: 3 x 30 meter sprints and 3 burpees in 30 seconds. Rest 30 seconds go to round 4

Round 4: 4 x 30 meter sprints and 4 burpees in 40 seconds. Rest 40 seconds go to round 5

Round 5: 5 x 30 meter sprints and 5 burpees in 50 seconds. Rest 50 seconds go to round 6 

Round 6: 6 x 30 meter sprints and 6 burpees in 60 seconds. Rest 60 seconds go to round 7

Round 7: 7 x 30 meter sprints and 7 burpees in 70 seconds. Rest 70 seconds go to round 8

Round 8: 8 x 30 meter sprints and 8 burpees in 80 seconds. Rest 80 seconds go to round 9

Round 9: 9 x 30 meter sprints and 9 burpees in 90 seconds.

Try it at this level and see how you do. If you want to adjust just cut the distance down to 20 meters or walk 15 meters. 

Another option is once you cannot complete the round in prescribed time go back down the ladder. 

Have fun!

Curriculum for the Week - 8/2/21 


Straight punches / Straight combinations 

Front kick to groin 

Choke from front – arm up & turn 


Elbows – review 

Focus mitt combination: (left straight – right elbow) 

Focus mitt combination: (lt./rt. combination – bob – rt. elbow) 

Inside defense with counter vs. left punch 

Inside defense with counter vs. left punch (using left hand) 

Bearhug from behind – arms free – elbows and other counters 


Combatives - Free Work 


REVIEW - Bearhugs – Back w/Arms Free 

Bearhugs - From Behind (leverage on finger) 

Bearhugs - From Behind (lifting) 

Full Nelson - Leverage on Finger


Ridge Hand / Mouth of Hand Punches

Chops – Inside and Outside

REVIEW – All Fall Breaks

Cavalier #1

Cavalier #2

Cavalier #3

Cavalier #4

Reference Videos 



  • ALWAYS change your shoes before class, no matter what the weather is like outside.
  • REMEMBER to sign in for classes before showing up. If class shows "full," please still come - some people will sign up but not show up!
  • RESPECT all equipment and rooms. If you are utilizing the "open gym," put things back where you found them and clean up after yourself. (Put away your weights and clean up chalk)

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***KMD IS CLOSED MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND 5/27 -5/29. Classes resume Tuesday 5/30***