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8.23.2021 KMD Newsletter

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Krav Maga Detroit Weekly Update

We Forge Warriors - August 23, 2021


September 11: Honoring Our Heroes

20th Anniversary

Saturday, September 11

More details to follow

KM 1 Test

Friday, October 1


Two new classes added:

Morning Krav Maga on Mondays at 10am

Focus Mitt Combos on Wednesdays at 5:15pm


HONORING OUR HEROES is on Saturday 9/11/21. There will be no classes that day and we hope you will join us for this very special occasion. The event will challenge you but you will also learn about that fateful day, you will learn how to fight, how to use common objects as weapons, how to save lives… We will honor the fallen and at the same time have a great time. Because that’s what they would do if they could. So mark your calendars as you don’t want to miss this one. Every participant will earn this spacial 20th anniversary patch. And of course we will be making a donation - all net profits will go to support the great work of the Operation HomeFront. 
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All fight gear is back in stock but won’t last long so get what you need (headgear, mouth guard, gloves, groin protection, shin guards).

Once again KMD will be testing the latest version of the famed Revgear striking shield. It should arrive shortly and will immediately get some action. It is a point of great pride for us as we routinely destroy the equipment and share valuable feedback so the gear keeps getting improved. Looks like nobody punishes the gear as severely as YOU!!! 


Young Warriors! It’s the eval week. We are reviewing all techniques we worked on this month and on Saturday the stripes are on the line. Don’t forget to wear your belt to all classes!


  • The Summer Challenge 2021 continues and our KMD TEAM is kicking butt. As of Monday 8/23/21 3pm Shev is in the lead with 6,700 flutter kicks but Tim is breathing down his neck with 6,611. Subash rounds up the top 3 with 4,763. The goal is 8,000 by the end of September so as you can see our folks don’t leave anything to chance and are crushing it like there’s no tomorrow. Thank you for being such awesome representatives of Krav Maga Detroit. We salute you all!!!

  • STF (Survive The Fight), a class created and taught by Pjeter and Pawel, was a huge success. Some taking it for the first time, some yet again as veterans of few previous ones but all learned something new and had a blast doing it. (SEE PICTURES BELOW)

  • Last Saturday night was all about combat. The kind with laser guns, but still combat! It was the 3rd time KMD crew took over the MI Combat in Rochester and like before, it was a blast. Thank you all who answered the call and to Jason for putting it all together. Some scores need to be settled so surely we will do it again. (SEE PAWEL IN ACTION IN THE NEWSLETTER BACKGROUND PHOTO!)


Veterans’ Day is November 11, 2021 and it’s time to register and start training for CHAD 1000X.

Sara Wilkinson and GORUCK present the hero workout "Chad", in honor of Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson who took his life on October 29, 2018 due to the effects of numerous deployments, several TBIs, blast wave injuries and PTSD. Our goal is to honor Chad's life and legacy and by raising awareness for suicide prevention.

Last year’s Chad 1000X event saw 4,500+ registered participants (with over $100K raised) looking to be a part of something greater than themselves. To not only bring awareness to the epidemic of suicide, especially among veterans, but also help be part of the solution through support to the Navy SEAL Foundation and other veteran mental health initiatives.

This year, join us again in paying respect to Chad Wilkinson and all those who have been lost to suicide, while also committing to try to change the number. #CHAD1000X


Curriculum 8/23/21 


Straight punches 

Punch combinations 

Advancing punches 

360º – 1-3 

Headlock from behind (bar arm/carotid)


Kick combination: (left front kick – right round kick) 

Kick combination: (right front kick – step - right round kick) 

Outside stabbing defense vs. front kick 

Plucking defense vs. low / medium front kick 

Reflexive defense vs. front kick to groin 

Defense vs. high front kick


REVIEW - Punches – Straight Punches 

Punch Defenses – Inside Defense vs. Left/Right 

Punch Defenses – Inside Defense vs. Left/Right (lean back & trap) 

Punch Defenses – Inside Defense vs. Left/Right (using forward hand)

Ground - Guard Reversal (Scissor Sweep) 


Fall breaks

Takedown - single

Takedown - simple

Takedown - double


Reference Videos: 



  • ALWAYS change your shoes before class, no matter what the weather is like outside.
  • REMEMBER to sign in for classes before showing up. If class shows "full," please still come - some people will sign up but not show up!
  • RESPECT all equipment and rooms. If you are utilizing the "open gym," put things back where you found them and clean up after yourself. (Put away your weights and clean up chalk)

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***KMD IS CLOSED MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND 5/27 -5/29. Classes resume Tuesday 5/30***