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KMD Newsletter 10.3.2021

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Krav Maga Detroit Weekly Update

We Forge Warriors - October 4, 2021


Level 3 Test

Friday, October 22


Kids Halloween Class

Saturday, October 30

12PM - 1PM


The halls of KMD shook last Friday night with determination, grit, and bells as each tester successfully completed their Level 1! Congratulations to each one of you! You trained hard, prepared, and proved to everyone present (hopefully including yourselves) what it means to fight and develop a Krav Maga mindset. Your instructors were all very impressed and proud! You earned that patch!

Thanks to everyone who showed up to support and be entertained. The testers thrive off your energy and encouragement. Events like these continue to prove to all of us that we are a family, and we show up for each other. Thank you.

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KMD Family "Why" Board: 

We would like to start a new tradition at KMD - a KMD Family "WHY" board. Each one of us found KMD and Krav Maga for some reason. It is important to always remember that reason when we train. Your "why" is what will help you do one more push up, send one more punch... and what will keep you fighting for your life.

In order to help remind ourselves and each other "WHY" we train, we are turning the corkboard by the front desk into a WHY board. Pictures, phrases, mementos etc can be put on this board. There it can be seen each time you walk onto the training floor, and by each new member who is trying to figure out why to train. 

Please keep these items to no larger than one 4x6 photo, phrase, collage, or item. There will be pin tacks at the front desk to hang your items. Or you can email your "WHY" to Mallory at: malbrake02@gmail.com - so she can print them off and hang them for you!

I hope everyone participates and we fill this entire board up until we need to add another!

Keep Training.

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Curriculum of the Week - 10/4/2021 


Straight punches

Straight combinations (Bas 1-4 on tombstone)

360º – 1-3

Ground - Get up

Choke - Behind with Push


Bobbing and weaving to avoid punches 

Shadow boxing 

Hook punches 

Defense vs. hook punch (extended) 

Defense vs. hook punch (covering) 

Groundwork – Mounted, defense vs. punches (buck hips) 

Groundwork – Choke while mounted 


Review Defensive Back Kick 

Defensive Back Kick with a Spin 

Review - Groundwork - Choke while Mounted 

Groundwork - Choke from the Side – Take Down 

Groundwork - Choke from the Side – Kick to Face 


REVIEW – All Headlock Defenses

REVIEW – All Bearhug Defenses

Gun from the Front

Gun from the Side of the Head

Reference Videos: 



  • ALWAYS change your shoes before class, no matter what the weather is like outside.
  • REMEMBER to sign in for classes before showing up. If class shows "full," please still come - some people will sign up but not show up!
  • RESPECT all equipment and rooms. If you are utilizing the "open gym," put things back where you found them and clean up after yourself. (Put away your weights and clean up chalk)

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***KMD IS CLOSED MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND 5/27 -5/29. Classes resume Tuesday 5/30***