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KMD Newsletter 11.8.2021

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Krav Maga Detroit Weekly Update


upcoming events 

CHAD 1000X

Veteran Suicide Prevention 

Thursday, November 11

See Details Below

“Krav Maga Concepts: Pluck”

Friday, November 19


Cost $59

Taught by Pawel

Register and more info below!

CPR/ First Aid Certification Class

Sunday, November 21


Cost: $100

See details below

Stop the Bleed Class

Sunday, November 21


Cost: FREE!

See details below

🔴Thanksgiving Schedule🔴

Wednesday 11/24 *modified*

5:15p Focus Mitt

6p KM1

6p Yoga 

Enjoy biggest bar night responsibility!!!🍻

Saturday come and train! 

‼️Save the Date‼️

KMD Night Out

House of Shamrocks

Saturday 12/11 @ 6:30p

krav maga concepts: pluck 


"Krav Maga Concepts" taught by Pawel will focus on a specific Krav Maga technique and apply it to multiple situations. 

November 19 exciting 2 hour seminar will dive into the Pluck! Used for breaking choke, you will learn how this technique can used in multiple situations. Don't miss this!!!

Since it's a Friday evening, having some beers and laughs afterwards is never a bad idea :)

veteran suicide prevention - chad 1000x - date 11/11/2021 

FROM GORUCK: Sara Wilkinson and GORUCK present the hero workout “CHAD” - in honor of Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson who took his life on October 29, 2018 due to the effects of numerous deployments, several TBIs, blast wave injuries and PTSD. Our goal is to honor Chad’s life and legacy and to raise awareness for suicide prevention and support Veteran Mental Health Initiatives.

Join us in paying respect to Chad Wilkinson and all those who have been lost to suicide, while also committing to try to change the number.

We encourage you to get a group of any size together to do the workout on the date of your choosing between Nov 5th - 13th. Veterans Day is November 11th.


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sign up now! - cpr/first aid + stop the bleed courses 

We will be offering CPR / First Aid Certifications and Stop the Bleed Courses every month starting in November! The first date is NOVEMBER 21.

CPR/First Aid Course:

Will provide you with a certification from American Heart Association. (This class is for non-healthcare providers. If you are a healthcare provider and require BLS or Basic Life Support, we also offer this course. Please contact us, see below.)

TIME: 9am-1pm

PRICE: $100

Class limit: 12

(First come first serve with deposit. Remember, we will be hosting this class every month, so if you don't get in this month you can get in the next!)

Stop the Bleed Course:

The American College of Surgeons’ STOP THE BLEED® program is a 1 hour course that specializes in bleeding control. Certificates will be issued upon completion.

TIME: 1pm-2pm


Class limit: NONE

(All are welcome to attend. Participants in the CPR / First Aid Course are encouraged to stay after for this class. There is no limit to how often this class can be attended, however it only needs to be attended once for certification.)

Contact Mallory Brake to reserve your spot or with any questions!

TEXT: 313-590-3944 or EMAIL: malbrake02@gmail.com

What’s worth living for?

what’s worth living for? 

Our "Why" board remains empty still. So I began to wonder if just maybe not everyone understood it's true purpose. I started to think about what might be holding people back from putting things up - then I realized - maybe I'm explaining it incorrectly...

I realize that the reason "why" most of us train is to better ourselves and our chances of survival from an attack. I am sure that most people, therefore, were thinking, "I don't want to post a picture of myself on the "why" board." But instead of thinking about it that way - think instead - that if you train to survive - "WHY?" What is worth living for? WHY do you want to train to survive? Why, what, or who do you live for?

Perhaps these questions are easier to answer. And perhaps we will start seeing more items added to the board. That way when each person walks through the doors to the training floor - can see the reasons WHY we live.

Thanks everyone.

curriculum 11/8/2021 


Hammerfist punch - forward 

Knees – forward

Choke from the front – 1 hand pluck 

Wrist releases – ALL 


Focus mitts: L/R combo – bob – R cross

Focus mitts: L/R combo – bob – R elbow

Focus mitts: Free work 

Bearhugs – Behind - Arms Free 

Bearhugs – Behind - Arms Caught 


REVIEW – Straight Punches 

REVIEW – Front Kick to Vertical Target with Ball of Foot 


Handgun From the Front 

Handgun From the Side of the Head


REVIEW – All hand Defenses against Knife Attacks 

Knife - Kick Defense vs. Straight Stab

Knife - Kick Defense vs. Straight Stab (attacker sideways)

Knife - Kick Defense vs. Straight Stab (bail out)

reference videos: 



  • ALWAYS change your shoes before class, no matter what the weather is like outside.
  • REMEMBER to sign in for classes before showing up. If class shows "full," please still come - some people will sign up but not show up!
  • RESPECT all equipment and rooms. If you are utilizing the "open gym," put things back where you found them and clean up after yourself. (Put away your weights and clean up chalk)

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***KMD IS CLOSED MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND 5/27 -5/29. Classes resume Tuesday 5/30***