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KMD Newsletter 1.10.2022

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Krav Maga Detroit Weekly Update

We Forge Warriors - January 10, 2022


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Wisdom from Jordan Peterson 


The new year is a natural time of reflection and goal setting.

Here are two principles to consider: 

1. Specify conditions for failure 

Often, people won't aim at what they want because they're afraid. They're afraid because if you specify what you want, you define your conditions of failure. 

If you have something to aim for, that's a source of positive emotion. It would help if you aimed something realistic that also pushes you. Part of the pleasure is achieving the thing. The other part is making yourself better at pursuing things. You're aiming at something, and you're increasing your competence. 

2. Stop wasting time 

I often ask undergraduates: "How many hours a day do you waste?" 

The classic answer was 5 hours per day. That's 35 hours per week or 140 hours per month. If you think about this in terms of deferred wages, and the market values your time at $50 per hour, that's $91,000 per year. 

If your life isn't everything it could be, what would happen if you just stopped wasting the opportunities in front of you? You could be 10 - 20x more efficient.

The Importance of Breathing correctly: 

Click below to read this amazing article about the correct methods - to breathe! Fascinating stuff! 

How to lose body fat: 

Click below to read an article about losing body fat! Who doesn't want that?! Check it out! 
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Don't forget to sign up: 1,000 Mile Challenge - 2022 

"The 1,000 Mile Challenge is about challenging yourself to run, walk, or ruck in 2022. We call it the 1,000 Mile Challenge, but tabs are earned at 300, 700 and 1,000 miles, and ultimately you decide what your miles will be.

As in previous years, 100% of the net proceeds from this Challenge will be going to charity and we are proud to be supporting the Green Beret Foundation and Team RWB again this year."

Please CLICK on button below for more information:

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Curriculum of the Week - 1/10/22 


Palm Heel Strike

Eye Gouge

Throat Strikes


Choke from the Front (1 Hand Pluck)


Shadow Boxing 

Focus Mitt Combination: (left punch – right elbow) 

Review Inside Defenses vs. Left and Right Punches 

Inside Defense with Counter vs. Right Punch (2 counters) 

Inside Defense with Counter vs. Right Punch (1 counter)

Inside Defense with Counter vs. Left Punch

Inside Defense with Counter vs. Left Punch (using left hand)


REVIEW – Back and Side Fall Breaks 


Kicks – Defensive Back Kick with a Spin 

Kicks – Heel Kick 

Takedown - single leg - Low Hyper Extension

Takedown - Knee Tap - Forward/Backward


REVIEW – Inside and Outside Defenses 

REVIEW – All Self Defense 

Stick – Overhead Swing – off angle / dead side (1 step)

Stick – Overhead Swing – off angle / dead side (2 steps)

Reference Videos: 



  • ALWAYS change your shoes before class, no matter what the weather is like outside.
  • REMEMBER to sign in for classes before showing up. If class shows "full," please still come - some people will sign up but not show up!
  • RESPECT all equipment and rooms. If you are utilizing the "open gym," put things back where you found them and clean up after yourself. (Put away your weights and clean up chalk)

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