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FOCUS: Nutrition Seminar Recap

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It was awesome to have so many students show up to learn more about incorporating good nutrition into daily life:)

Keep it simple.

1) Whole foods nutrition is number 1 goal. Eating real whole foods is the first element of giving your body what it needs. Foods that have the least amount of ingredients and are in their least processed state are best. Eating as many green veggies is what our body loves and thrives when given. If eating a lot of veggies is a struggle, add in a green superfoods powder into your protein shake. Simple and your getting a great dose of veggies:)

2) Pay attention to what you put on your plate! Veggies and protein - you can never go wrong with this combo. Attending parties or events - choose proteins and veggies to keep yourself focused. Add in carbs in the form of sweet potatoes, rice, grains - keep it simple. Yes, eat a cookie! But just control yourself and not eat the whole bag lol. 
Use the plate diagram if you are just staring out. Being aware of the foods we like will keep our health in check:) I also have specific meals plans - if you would like to try this option, please email me:) 

3) Macros! 1 gram of protein per 1lb of body weight. 100-120g of carbs (more when your training) 30-40g of fat ( high carb days, stick to lower fat. Low carb days, ok to enjoy more fats) Keep it simple and just focus on protein goals to start:)

4) Habits - what are your habits that keep you from hitting your goals? We all have habits that either help or hinder us. Review the questions given and see where you may need to tweak in your life to help you crush your goals.

5) Water - drink 1/2 body weight in oz:) 

6) Vitamins!!! Get yourself a good multivitamin (packets are the best to get everything you need from!) Also, B Complex, NAC, Vitamin C and Zinc are very important to ad into your daily micro nutrients. Brands I like are 1st Phorm, PURE for the NAC

Any questions don't hesitate to ask:) Have a great weekend!

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