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Quick Burn - Evening Mini Training Circuit

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Summer has been HOT especially when the humidity kicks in. So take advantage of days like today and train outside:) 
Evening Energy BOOST
3 Sets 15 Reps Each Exercise 
(Complete each exercise set before moving to the next)
1. Squats
2. Reverse Lunges 
3. Alternating Knees in the air (good time to practice getting that knee forward)
4. Alternating Punches (if you know Bas rounds combos 1-4 is 1 Rep lol - Enjoy) 
5. Push-Ups ( New to push-ups, no prob train from your knees and focus on getting full range of motion in your shoulders. Keep elbows close to the body to mimic punches) 
6. Crunches ( shoulders only 2-3in off the floor - focus on squeezing the abs)
Cool Down with a 1/2-1mile walk:) Add in some stretches in the end (Yoga!)

Enjoy these days!!! See you on the training floor:)


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