Congratulations KMD Young Warriors!

Young Warriors Test:

The Team at Krav Maga Detroit was honored to be part of last Saturday's Young Warrior Test! The Young Warriors proved their determination, mindset, and abilities over a tough two hours! We could not be more proud of these amazing warriors!


A message from Pawel:

Those young people not only matched but surpassed the high KMD standards. When offered a chance to quit and relax with their families they were appalled by Pawel even suggesting it. “My family name doesn’t allow me to quit!” “I’d rather stay late and finish the test than eat dinner!” “I will stay here all night and finish the test!” There was no way they were going to quit and they made sure everyone knew it.

It’s hard to express the amount of pride we all felt seeing their performance and level of commitment and maturity at such young age. They don’t just know how to hit and kick and defend themselves. They live by the principles of hard work, determination, commitment and humility.

I’m smiling as I’m writing this as with these Young Warriors our future is bright.

So, congratulations Matthew, Sender, Maliah, Isabella, Owen and William!!! You earned those yellow belts. And big THANK YOU to you parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, family and friends for getting them to KMD week after week. We hope you saw it was worth it. #weforgewarrriors

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