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Krav Maga Detroit Crew Participates in the First Ever Goruck Constellation

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Krav Maga Detroit Crew Participates in the First Ever Goruck Constellation

On April 21, 2017 a few of Krav Maga Detroit students and instructors took part in the very first official GORUCK CONSTELLATION, an overnight urban survival event run by the expert GORUCK Special Forces Cadre. As with other GORUCK events, Constellation 001 was expertly run by some of America’s best. Well over 100 weirdos showed up to kick it off and we all learned a ton and had a blast “operating” in Detroit throughout the night. The knowledge and experience gained in this event is priceless and I’m sure we all hope we will never have to use it, but as the saying goes, it’s “better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have.”

Since we share a lot of values with GORUCK, like encouraging our students to grow and challenge themselves, Krav Maga Detroit students can be found participating in many GORUCK events. So it’s only logical that we are proud to be the Official GORUCK Training Partner and encourage everybody to do their events. Most of all, we are proud that the vast majority of our instructors are GRTs (GORUCK TOUGH) which means they completed at least one GORUCK TOUGH CHALLENGE).

Interested in getting in some rucking? Krav Maga Detroit holds weekly, open rucks on Saturday afternoons at 4pm! Bring a ruck (backpack), some weight and water and join in on the fun! While you’re at it, bring a friend or two as it’s always more fun with friends! It’s an awesome workout with a great group of people. And NO, you do not need to be in great shape to do it. As long as you understand that regular rucking will lead to some weight loss, muscle gain and over all increase in performance ?????? We look forward to rucking with you!

Krav Maga Detroit crew at Constellation.

Pay attention or pay the price.


Krav Maga Detroit crew at Constellation endex

Team Juliet

Krav Maga Detroit crew learning at Constellation 001


Krav Maga Detroit Constellation 001 patch

The patch

Krav Maga Detroit crew used GR1 rucks to carry the wounded

GR1 Medevac

Krav Maga Detroit crew learning to start fire at Constellation 001

Making fire

Krav Maga Detroit crew blending in as garbage

Pile of garbage?

Krav Maga Detroit crew posing for pictures during hide and seek

Art of concealment

Krav Maga Detroit crew enjoying a very special slice of pizza

Food foraging

Map of areas of operation for Constellation Detroit

Krav Maga Detroit at Constellation

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