KMD's 10th Anniversary

Thank You!

That’s the biggest font I could find and it’s not even close to being adequate. Actually there’s no words to describe how you guys made me feel last Saturday. I am so thankful for each and every one of you who came to celebrate KMD’s birthday. I appreciate the messages from those who couldn’t come – you were certainly missed. But even in my wildest dreams I have never imagined the surprise you guys had cooked up.

I’ve been trying to collect my thoughts for a while now and I’m still struggling.
Pictures on the wall were awesome and brought back so many great memories. The video Tim put together simply floored me. Brother, you truly are one of a kind. I laughed and I cried watching it. To see so many of you take the time to record those messages really touched my heart. At the end of it I was already on the ropes. But you didn’t stop there, you were going for a knockout.

And you did it. I don’t think you could find better, more thoughtful gifts. They will always serve as reminders of your friendship, generosity and commitment. They will remind me daily to stay sharp, uphold the standards and always give you and this country my best. I feel the weight of this responsibility and I will carry it proudly.

You are the best people I know and I am humbled and blessed to have you in my life.
Krav Maga Detroit is YOU. It’s YOU, KMD’s students and instructors who make it such an awesome community. It’s YOU who show up and work so hard, teaching or training. It’s YOU who participate in our events and support our causes. It’s YOU who tell your friends about us, wear KMD clothes everywhere you go, put KMD stickers on your cars…

It might have been me receiving the gifts and congratulations last Saturday, but I couldn’t do anything without YOU.
YOU ARE KMD and I am grateful to be a part of this family. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all and to many more years together!


A very special Thank You to all of you who made this party such a great success. 

10th anniversary

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