KM Open - Tuesday 7PM

Following the success of the morning Krav Maga Open classes we are super excited to finally bring one to the evening schedule. Beginning this Tuesday 8/11/15 Krav Maga Open (KM Open) will be offered at 7pm and taught by Pjeter.

KM Open is for practitioners of all levels. Curriculum is a mix of Level 1 and 2 for that particular week. This allows more advanced students an opportunity to work on the Level 2 techniques and perfect the foundations of Krav Maga, while the beginners get an early taste of the slightly more advanced techniques. Mix into this a few awesome drills and you have one kick-ass class.

Here are all KM Open classes currently on schedule:
Tuesday 7pm – Pjeter
Thursday 10am – Trevor
Friday 10am – Lisa

Give this class a spin if you’ve never tried it. You’ll have a blast.

KM Open Tue 7pm


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