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Welcome to Level 3 - Maxine, Ari, & Josh

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Welcome to Level 3 - Maxine, Ari, & Josh

Last Saturday, four great people showed up to prove to themselves that they were ready to move up to Level 3 and more importantly, that they were ready to do anything and everything to win the fight for their lives.

Krav Maga tests at KMD are never easy. Some say the test was the most challenging thing they had ever done. It’s like this for a reason and every smallest part of it has its purpose. It tests your knowledge and skills and it definitely challenges you physically. These are all essential in fighting and self-defense. But the one that holds them all together, the one that makes the biggest difference is the mental toughness.

It is the mental toughness that keeps you going, that makes you push seemingly beyond your limits. It makes you work through pain and discomfort and won’t let you quit, no matter what.

If you watched this test you saw first hand what determination and perseverance looks like. There were tears, pain and even despair in their eyes but there was no quitting.

Congratulations Maxine, Ari and Josh. Your performance was inspiring. This test goes down in history as one of the best I had the privilege of running.

Thank you for training hard and upholding KMD’s high standards. You made me and all instructors proud and we look forward to seeing you in Level 3.

For all those thinking about testing, regardless of the level, seek out these three and talk to them. Find out what they did to get ready, what they would do differently. They absolutely rocked it.


Welcome lvl 3

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