Survive the Fight 6/28/15

WOW! What a fantastic day of training. Even the weather cooperated.
Eight hours of instruction in fire arms, Krav Maga, movement and tactics with a large dose of drills designed to test not just your skills but also your performance under stress. This was an exceptional group of students. Everybody stayed sharp and focused and this allowed the instructors to move through curriculum at a great pace leaving plenty of time for drills. Because drills is what makes this class different. It’s not often one has an opportunity to combine full on combatives with live fire. To really experience how what we train translates into the real life.

For some, it was an eye opening experience. For others, a reinforcement of their prior training and experience. And based on their smiles, everybody had a really good time too.

Big THANK YOU to all who participated. You guys did a phenomenal job.
Thank you also to the instructors, Pjeter, Tom and Pawel for the first class instruction and maintaining the high standards.

If you would like to learn more, the next Survive The Fight class will take place July 26. Participation is limited so book your spot early as both classes so far were sold out.

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