Knife Defense Seminar - After Action Report

Thank you again to all who came to train with us last Sunday.
Here’s an After Action Report (AAR) from the seminar:

The look on Pawel’s face as he stepped to the front of the room to address the over 70 participants for Sunday’s Knife Defense Seminar was priceless.  Any of the Krav Maga Detroit members know how difficult it is to surprise Pawel – even when he acts like our inability to properly hold focus mitts is shocking, we all know that he knows what he is going to see before he starts teaching class. Every participant, whether they were new to Krav Maga Detroit or old members returning to their former stomping grounds, came prepared to work on Sunday.  Pawel led us through two hours of training practicing invaluable knife defense and combative skills.

The idea of facing someone who is brandishing a knife is terrifying.  Knives are not like guns, knives are always loaded.  The training we received on Sunday gave us several techniques to address knife attacks.  Something that is drilled into your head as you train at Krav Maga Detroit is the idea of always moving forward.  Applying that idea to knife defenses is not an easy task but every one of the 71 participants on Sunday kept moving forward during every minute of the seminar.  Seeing the different techniques that we learn in level one applied to a knife attack is a great reminder of what an incredibly effective system Krav Maga is.  Combine 360* defenses with a straight punch, knees, and a disarm and you can defend yourself against someone trying to slash you with a knife.

It was wonderful to train with so many other like minded people who refuse to be a victim.  Here at Krav Maga Detroit every instructor, every student, every visitor, works together to build survivors.  I hope to see you all this coming Saturday, March 28th for the Gun Defense Seminar.

Contributed by Brandy

Knife Defense Seminar

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