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CRPT - Sunday (8:00AM - 9:30AM)

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CRPT - Sunday (8:00AM - 9:30AM)

Combat Ready Physical Training (CRPT) With John Carra Is Back.

And now, even better than before since we have a brand new Room #3 with the Magnificent Rig to play on.

This is the REAL thing, not some cardio class named ‘bootcamp’ run by a wannabe. John is a true professional, served our country as a Marine and is the biggest goofball you’ve ever met. But NOBODY cares more about their clients and getting them results they’re looking for than John.

Here’s more about the class:
The men and women who serve our nation in the military, police force or fire service are required to meet certain standards of physical fitness and are tested throughout the year to maintain those standards.
For example:
To just have the privilege of joining the USMC and begin training you are required to perform the following at a minimum:

2 Pull Ups
44 Sit Ups (2 minutes)
1.5 Mile Run – 13:30

Flexed Arm Hang – 12 seconds
44 Sit Ups (2 minutes)
1 Mile Run – 10:30
This ensures that all Marines have a basic level of fitness to build and improve on.

This is the foundation of the CRPT.
This class is designed to build your muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular respiratory fitness and to focus on dominating any form of Physical Fitness Test. So whether you are trying to perform 100 crunches in 2 minutes or achieve 2 pull-ups for the first time, this is the class for you.

Each class will focus on the following events and you will have a chance to prove your newfound fitness levels with the Military Inspired Tests throughout the year.
Loaded Carries

The class starts this SUNDAY March 8, 2015 @ 8 AM.
CRPT is FREE and open to ALL current KMD clients.
See you all there and remember, you may feel you are ready…… but are you COMBAT READY?


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***KMD IS CLOSED MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND 5/27 -5/29. Classes resume Tuesday 5/30***