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Watch Where You Park

I bet you didn’t know our parking lot is a battlefield. Actually there are two separate parking lots: one directly behind the 1000 Maple building and one right next to Krav Maga Detroit. There are also two separate snow plowing companies that appear to be in a death match of who is going to get there first and plow as much snow into the other guy’s lot as possible. Hence the mountains of snow everywhere.

When parking for classes please, pay extra attention that you’re not blocking somebody else’s car between yours and the snow mountain. Not all of us drive monster trucks and not all of us can stay and train till the end of classes that day.

Just take a second and check around. This little bit of courtesy goes a long way, especially on those bitter cold days.

Thank you


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***KMD IS CLOSED MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND 5/27 -5/29. Classes resume Tuesday 5/30***