Look for John and Lisa on Channel 4 WDIV this coming Friday morning, January 23, for Rhonda Walker’s Fitness Friday segment.

On January 5, John and Lisa joined Rhonda to shoot a few segments for the early morning news show. This wasn’t the first time that Rhonda has trained Krav Maga with KMD. Six years ago she trained with us for another news story and this time was even more excited that WDIV will be bringing it to people in their homes.

Keep your eyes out for punches, elbows, knees and partner exercises that promise to make your skin leak. All of the exercises were demonstrated and taught with the viewers at home in mind, so pay attention. You may learn something!

KMD would like to thank Rhonda Walker and WDIV for inviting us to the studio and allowing us to share our passion!



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