Krav Maga and Motherhood: A Wonderful Combination!

I can remember like it was yesterday, the day when my husband and I would finally become parents.  Our little girl was born on February 18, 2009.  As the months passed and our daughter started to grow, I started to prepare myself to get back into the real world.  I finally got the clearance from the doctor to start getting back in shape-something I always did even prior to getting pregnant. So, when I got the all clear, I told myself that I really wanted to find something different.  I was born in a martial arts household. My dad was a black belt in Karate and he started my interests in all things self-defense early in life.  Becoming a mom became an even greater motivator for me to get started on something in that realm.  I just was not sure what to do, yet.


Then, one day in mid-July, 2009, I was watching the news on channel 4 and saw a story that focused on self-defense and this system called Krav Maga!  I saw my future family on TV.  I saw my future KMD brother and mentor, Pawel explaining to Ronda Walker what Krav Maga was and how to get out of a choke from the wall.  I saw people that would soon be my fellow teammates and students, punching, kicking, and showing wonderful aggression!  I even saw my future KMD sister, Lisa teaching a class!  I was totally in and right away emailed KRAV MAGA DETROIT to schedule my first trial class!  I was so nervous and intimidated my first day.  I went in there (back when KMD was still at Troy Gymnastics!) all by myself and survived that first class.  The next day, I signed up and my life was changed again!


I found Krav Maga during one of the greatest times in my life and my daughter was the reason to start training.  I now had this human being that I was going to protect and give my life for and Krav Maga Detroit developed my skills and my overall mindset.  KMD quickly became my second home.  I trained as much as I could and after just a few short years, I was asked to become an instructor.


Being asked to be an instructor was not exactly an easy “YES!” for me!  The first thing I thought about was my family.  It would mean some sacrifices on our part between work and family life.  I almost did not become an instructor!  But my husband has always been so supportive and told me to go for it!  I became a KM instructor in August of 2011 becoming the second female KM instructor in Michigan! I am still so humbled by that accomplishment!  As time has passed and as I have continued to be here at KMD, I have realized more and more my “why”.  I have continued to train and instruct women, men, and children from all walks of life.  It has continued to be an honor to be able to do this.  Being a mother, being a woman, and being able to share my knowledge with EVERYONE is the true meaning of what Krav Maga is to me!  Being able to ensure that all people can protect themselves and their loved ones has become my true passion, SO THAT WE ALL MAY WALK IN PEACE!

By: KMD Instructor Sheila Guiao

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