Classes at Krav Maga Detroit

Krav Maga Class

No rituals. No katas. Krav Maga is not a martial art. The official combat system for the Israeli Defense Forces and preferred by the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement agencies. Simplistic and instinct-derived, Krav Maga is quickly learned and implemented even under extreme situations and duress. View the KM class curriculum here.

Weapons Class

You’ve got your hands, they’ve got a knife. Or a gun. Or a bat. Unarmed defenses against armed assailants. Hostage situations, third-party defenses and high-stress drills to prepare you for the reality of violence. Turn the overwhelming tide of fear in your favor.

Fight Club

Getting your clock cleaned. Ringing your bell. Seeing stars. These may be inevitable but are not the goal of Fight Club. Improved combatives and striking on your feet and on the ground. Learning to deal with the stimuli of being struck and returning fire. A non-competitive and supportive learning environment to build muscle memory and training retention.

Krav Maga Detroit Self Defense Fitness Classes

PT – Physical Training

Physical training. On the ready. Prepare for the rigors of combat and every day life. Building endurance, strength and overall fitness at any fitness level. The PT Program goes hand-in-hand with your Krav Maga training, enhancing all aspects. Boost confidence, increase mobility, carry more groceries and climb stairs without being winded. Classes include PT, Fightness, Kickboxing and Yoga.

Kickboxing Class

Kicks and punches come from different parts of the body. How can you use them together? Kickboxing is just that. Kicking and boxing. With a Krav Maga spin, of course. Multiple methods and modes of training utilizing heavy bags, focus mitts and pads to increase endurance, strength, focus, accuracy and speed. Become seamless.

KMD Muscle

Knowledge is power. Strength is power. Knowledge about building strength… Seems limitless. Know when to push your knees out, to inhale, to dig your heels in and when to bail. Learn and execute Olympic lifting techniques and develop proper form for maximum strength.

KMD Kids

Violence does not discriminate. Learning self defense and life skills at a young age is pivotal to growing up with confidence, pride, awareness and leadership skills. KMD Kids is for ages 6 – 12 yrs old.

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