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Mallory Brake Krav Maga Detroit Instructor

Mallory Brake

Level 1 Certified Instructor, November 2015.  Level 2 Certified Instructor, March 2017.  Current Level: 5.

I started Krav Maga in the fall of 2011.  After playing college Field Hockey, I was looking for a new way to stay in shape and be a part of a team.  After my first trial class at Krav Maga Detroit I was hooked.  I had found my new team/family.  Training Krav Maga gave me a new sense of empowerment and new goals to accomplish.  I became an instructor to further pursue my dedication to Krav Maga, and to have the honor and opportunity to teach others this self-defense system.  As an instructor, I discovered my passion to spread the mindset and skills of Krav especially applied to women.  I have since become the Women’s Seminar Coordinator and enjoying leading bi-annual seminars that amass significant crowds of women willing and excited to take their personal safety into their own hands.  

Outside of the gym, I am a full-time Registered Nurse working in the Intensive Cares at Henry Ford Hospital, downtown Detroit.  I am extremely family oriented and enjoy having my parents and siblings support throughout all of my endeavors.  My parents are always front row at my Krav tests and seminars.

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