Pawel Cichowlas

Founder and lead instructor at Krav Maga Detroit. 3rd Dan Black Belt.
Patriot. GRT. Husband. Father.

Lisa Cichowlas

The One in Charge. First Female Krav Maga Instructor In Michigan. KMA Level 3 Certified. GRT. Wife. Mom.

Bruce Poltowski - Krav Maga Detroit

Bruce Politowski

Level 3 Certified KM Instructor. Husband. Dad.

John Myszak

Level 2 Certified KM Instructor. Devil Dog. Husband.

Sheila Guiao

Second woman to be KMW Certified in Michigan. Level 2 Certified KM Instructor. Mother. Wife. Daughter.

Mark Kaiser - Krav Maga Detroit

Mark Kaiser

Punk. Skater. GRT. Husband.

Trevor Nelson - Krav Maga Detroit

Trevor Nelson

Speed Of Light. Lifter. Husband.

Eric Sienkiewicz

Mallory Brake

Ari Harris

John Carra - Krav Maga Detroit

John Carra

Comic Junkie. Former Jarhead. Comedian. Dad.

Amy Satterfield

Yogi. Health nut. mother. wife.

Vicky Politowski - Krav Maga Detroit

Vicky Politowski

Contact Combat Yogi. Stepmom. Wife.

Morgan Nelson

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